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Alternative,Renewable,Electrical,Power Plants (NO BYE Products)

03/18/2010 Good Day Iam Mr James Edward Dal Cerro This business plan will contain all of the Infrastructure of this energy. The feasibilty for the environmental, constructional,electrical, experts of all trades to examine the details of project. Once this design is showen the engineering experts, the agreement will pervail on this Innovate, of Innovations of my project. This power plant to produce more energy with out the use of BURNING FOSSILS FUELS,OF ANY KIND. No coal, no gas, no nuclear radiaition, no solar, no chemicals, no cold fusion, no water currents, All the wind generation is great, when they are in operation, I have enhanced the capability of there use too operate 24 hours a day seven days a week, but they create heat, they are not calibrated in the efficincy the new configurations I have. There is too much heat from them. I have an stator that is more energy, carparison. The project I have creates one hundred times of ten thousand wind generation power mills. The project I have creates more energy that ten thousand wind generations wind mills, at one of the heat created, and this is also used for different apparatus of this power plant of my creation, and less room, and my project runs at all times, and I can change an stator or other parts of the plant in about an hour, and there is an back up on site to maintain the energy.No bye produced in the atmosphere, land,no hazards to or human like of any find, and no land fills ever needed, because there are no bye products. James Edward Dal Cerro


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