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DOE management inprovements

DOE cannot capture the importance of the President's openness initiative without seriously changing its managerial attitudes. This web site is fine for what it is, but the people who post here are unlikely to find advocates for their requests. My experience with DOE has been that it finds every excuse to not respond to FOIA requests and its appeals system is silly. Pulling out the old Glomar exception to thwart my FOIA request for documents about an investigation by the FBI as to whom might have leaked nuclear information to the Israelis is an example. I saw these documents with my own eyes and they were all unclassified. Yet DOE denied they existed. They refused to give me the names of their employees who touted bogus degrees and may have had Q clearances. They wanted to charge me exorbitant amounts just to do research on my requests and then they gave preposterous reasons why one division of DOE could not talk to another division. The list goes on. So unless DOE obtains employee-advocates who are committed to working for the citizens who want more transparency at DOE, and unless the advocates are empowered, rewarded and protected, the notoriously conservative set of employees in power at DOE will not create the environment of transparency which this President recognizes is critical to an informed citizenry, and which the citizens of this country deserve because it is their government. I challenge Dr. Chu to come to this site and tell us exactly what he is going to do to assure that his boss's directions are permanently incorporated into the culture of DOE.



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