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Gas Prices & ‘Big’ Oil Companies

First off, has no one realized that we have been lucky enough to have a real ‘OIL BOOM’ going on in our back yard! I am pleased that some one in America is benefiting, but the oil companies are jumping through hoops and ladders to get in on this. Talk about profits and a supply that is no longer foreign. However, will the American people/USA Nation as a whole, profit from this...I hope so. The news web pages with the information are as followed:


They (big oil companies) can no longer make claim that the cost of foreign crude oil is keeping or raising the cost...unless they claim it's foreign oil that we're would we know? They may stockpile/ hoard the local oil and sale us foreign oil. As one person living in an area where oil is purchased on a smaller scale, that is exactly what’s been practiced. It is being stockpiled, not moving, and the smaller supplier has nearly had to halt their production because of that fact. So how big is the ‘Greed’ business anyway?


Second, some may say that this cache of Oil is a 'Godsend' and I would totally agree! We should use it wisely and fairly towards making the first step in helping each other in restoring & strengthen the U S economy. I think the Indian Nation as American people should be compensated fairly for their property and receive their payments with contracts from the Big Oil Companies. Still, the Government can arbitrate ‘for the good of the nation’. A ‘cap’ should be placed on the selling cost to the American public one, which is fair for all parties. I do feel that the 'Big Oil Companies' should not be allowed to have an unwarrantable windfall of profits at the cost of our nation’s welfare, nor be permitted to act as a monopoly as OPEC has been able to do. As a business, they deserve the right to make a profit and for that reason, the ‘cap’ intervention should be equitable.


In addition, we need to look & learn from our past & see 'how did America become strong’. We Invented! We Tested! We Produced! We Worked! We grew by building, making, selling & buying American made things! We need once again to put America first--instead of selling America-out by being just a consumer to the needs of the world.


Finally, we the people of the United States of America will always be there to aide those in need on foreign soil. However, because of self-interest parties & by their own actions of selfishness/greed and big business' moving production to other countries to profit far more from Americans...has sold their country, the United States of America--out. Therefore, one of our first acts toward a recovery is that--We need to claim this blessing of Oil for the great of OUR country (For the people)! . We need first to become independent of foreign oil and second to forge ahead being more energy efficient while striving for a planet friendly energy technology.



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