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I James Edward Dal Cerro beleive that there is no returning the planet back to its size once the internal values of strength is weaken too the point of already the earth has spoken, sink holes, earth has showen what the movement of its progressive ratio of oil drilling, natural gas, being released from the internal surplus of its strength. The project I have created form innovate products, and the innovations of my idea, This must be corrected now, or there will be an never on this planet. I created this project for the non buring of fossil fuels, no coal, no oil, no gas, no nuclear radiaition, no geothermal. I have created an device the has a different way of creating more power that an nuclear power plant with no bye products omitted into the atmosphere, land, water, human life, and any life form in any way shape or form. I will build this, and need funds, and the veiwing of all experts of the environmental, constructional, electrical, of all trades to exmine the infrastructure by all the professionals, I invite all of them, to balance, evaluate to resize the abundance of my project to attach to the grids where they are needed, as this project can, and will be built anywhere. The stratgy is here, and comming soon, to show all. waiting for funds, and partner up with just the signing of the paper work, and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be created in all trades, from a to z. 847-630-4763


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