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Variable Tariff on Oil that creates a fixed price within the US

If the US were to decide on a fixed and fair price for OIL within its borders, then OPEC would be prevented from manipulating markets within the US, which ultimately stands in the way of bringing the cost of Green Technology down to the levels they would be at naturally without the artificial interference of OPEC. So in such a "variable Tariff/Fixed Price" model, if the price of oil were to rise above the fixed price set by the US government, the Government would pay the difference, but then get that percentage back (plus interest) in taxes when the end product were sold by the company purchasing the oil. If the price of oil were to drop below the fixed price, the difference would be paid by the companies purchasing the oil in the form of a tariff. In either case the profits earned by the Government (in the form or either a tariff or interest) would be deposited by the government into a distinct fund used for offering subsidies or tax relief to companies (such as the one buying the oil) for investing in the retooling of factories and retraining of employees toward the building of GREEN alternatives to oil. In this scenario, OPEC would be given the choice of complying with the US Government's fixed price OR funding their own demise.



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